1. Organisational Development

Building/reviewing Vision, Mission, Core Values

Policy Development and implementation

Managing people without coercion

Transforming organisations with Lead Management

Managing Diversity in an organisation

Strategic Planning

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Learner Management and development

Developing understanding of how learners think and behave, gaining skills on how to interact with learner and effectively manage difficult issues/situations.

Study Methods

Leadership Training for RCL/Prefects

Motivational Sessions for learners

Positive discipline and managing deviant behaviour

Dealing with and managing bullying

  1. Team building

Group dynamics, perceptions, composition of teams and working on common goals

  1. School Management Training

Roles and responsibilities of Heads of departments. Managing a team that is complex and without coercion

Mentoring and coaching of educators and learners -personal reflection, capacity building, goal setting

Academic performance – improvement strategies

Managing Assessment – Planning, implementation, moderation

Project management

School Governing Body Training and parents

Roles and responsibilities of the SGB – Governance vs Management

Developing sub-committees – designing objectives, implementation, monitoring, reflection

Positive parenting – managing your difficult child

Responsible parenting – discovering what is important for your child and navigating your role as a parent

Managing as a single parent

  1. School Improvement

Motivational training for educators

School Improvement Plan development and Implementation

Classroom Discipline

Creating a conducive learning environment