UKHOZI (“Eagle”) Innovations and Training (PTY) LTD was established in 2016 by Denzyl Witbooi


Develop people, innovations and ideas to address challenges in our communities locally and globally.


  • To develop innovations by individuals to address specific challenges in communities, South Africa, the African Continent and Globally.
  • To assist communities to develop organisations to address different challenges.
  • Deliver learning opportunities that will empower people to meet their needs, excell and find solutions to different challenges.
  • To introduce people to the ideas of Dr. William Glassser
  • To provide training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management developed by Dr. William Glasser.
  • Assist organisations to become more effective.
  • To teach people values and processes in line with restorative justice

Core Values:

Commitment, Integrity, Honesty, Trust


Information about the consultant:


Denzyl Witbooi has been in the formal education system for 21 years as a teacher, Deputy Chief Education Specialist (Monitoring and Evaluation) and a Principal of a High School. Currently he is an Education and Training Consultant in South Africa aiming to work with organisations, business, government departments and schools to develop innovative ideas, products and communities.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, Diploma in Education and over the years has done diverse training in ICT, Project Management and Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management.

He is a William Glasser International Board Certified Instructor for Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management that took six years to finish across three continents (South Africa, Australia and Canada). He is currently serving as the Treasurer of a Non-Profit Organisation, ACTSA – Association for Choice Theory South Africa, that aims to promote Choice Theory in South Africa.

With his services he aims to develop schools, businesses, government departments and NPO’s to:

  • improve how they work as an organisation to improve service delivery
  • improve intrinsic motivation and personal goal setting
  • assist organisations to deal with change and strategic planning
  • assist organisations with developing improvement plans to ensure sustainable growth and development.

He is passionate about people, how they think, behave and to assist them to excel in life.


His approach to developing training, interventions or strategies involves:

  • Clarifying objectives with clients or organisation.
  • Developing appropriate material and guidelines.
  • Presenting highly interactive sessions that allows participants self-reflection and integration of different aspects of their personal and professional experience.
  • Organisational reflection and assessment that might lead to development of improvement strategies and key deliverables.
  • Reflection by participants on training provided.